New experiences at Hotel Billingehus

For over fifty years, this iconic hotel has balanced like a monument on the edge of Billingen Hill. Just as natural and expected as unique and extraordinary. Billingehus is a soulful, heart-warming and genuine destination that contains every aspect of life under one roof. With space for meetings, good food and relaxation, this is an oasis for recreation, unforgettable delights and exciting activities. Just outside the front door, a whole mountain of experiences awaits. All year round. Welcome!

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Feel right at home at Billingehus

Price from 1,190 SEK/person
Are you someone who loves your home and feels there is no place like home? Welcome to us at Billingehus! An overnight stay with 3-course dinner and breakfast buffet.

The bistro package

Price from 990 SEK/person
This is for anyone who needs to spend some quality time with a good friend. Time to socialise, eat something delicious and have a cosy night in our hotel.

Hiking Happiness

Price from 1,290 SEK/person
Do you love being outdoors and experiencing nature on foot, but think it’s lovely to slump softly onto a sofa and eat some delicious food after a day’s hike? Book hiking happiness!

A cosy hotel between Göteborg och Stockholm

Billingehus is located on the top of Billingen Hill with a view over the town of Skövde and is close to the town centre too. You will reach us easily by car or train, just an hour from Gothenburg and two hours from Stockholm.


Food & drink

New flavours, delicious classics and the tastiest cocktails in the county

Inside the hotel, we proudly present new flavours and delicious classics. We promise our cocktails are to die for, but also have a tasty cup of hot coffee or an ice-cold beer at the read after your hike on the hill.

Outdoor pursuits

Experience Billingen Hill

Just around the corner from Billingehus, you will find a whole range of activities, such as mountain biking, climbing, a high ropes course and incredible hiking trails that offer both adventure and stunning views. Amazing experiences, regardless of the season!


Discover the Skaraborg region

Between Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern

Skaraborg is situated between the two largest lakes in Sweden – Vänern and Vättern. There is abundant wildlife and a rich cultural scene, lots to experience for both big and small adventurers. Cycle alongside Göta Kanal (Gotha Canal), hike the pilgrimage trail, enjoy the local cuisine and experience the cranes' arrival by Lake Hornborgasjön. 

Coming Soon

A classic resort for new retreats

The very best way to recharge your batteries and re-energise is to get away from the humdrum of everyday life and do absolutely nothing. At our place, you will be able to enjoy restorative baths, relaxing moments in the sauna and luxurious spa treatments. We are creating a space on the hill to simply be.

Opening autumn 2023

Conference facility in the west of Sweden

Are you looking for a hotel with conference facilities where you can gather your colleagues, have stimulating meetings as well as an opportunity to recharge the batteries together? Then, you have found the perfect spot! What Billingehus can offer you is more or less infinite possibilities of meeting options and activities, plenty of comfy rooms and our kitchen will cook up some delicious taste sensations for you.  

A warm & genuine atmosphere

Step into the warm, beautiful hotel setting with room for both tranquil relaxation and lively activity. Our rooms are very cosy, and you can choose between different room categories of different sizes and features. Sometimes only the best is good enough.

Meetings & Events

An intimate feel in spacious surroundings. We have plenty of space regardless of whether you plan a grand gathering or a more private, small-scale celebration. With plenty of experience and an eye for detail, we create moments to remember. Billingehus is an inspiring location for both meetings and events on the Vastgota Plain, just a few minutes by car from Skövde town centre.

Food & drink

Inside the hotel, we proudly present new flavours and delicious classics. We promise our cocktails are to die for, but also have a tasty cup of hot coffee or an ice-cold beer at the ready after your hike on the hill.

We cater for bigger as well as smaller groups.

The history behind Billingehus

The idea of Billingehus was actually part of a bigger dream; the dream of an outdoor paradise on Billingen Hill. Entrepreneur Arne Sandberg and his wife Maja had a vision of creating a place for recreation where exercise and relaxation went hand in hand. A place to meet, not only for the locals in Skövde but for tourists too, where the purpose was to take care of all aspects of each individual, the whole person. A place to combat stress and a place "for one's heart and soul".

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